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Certificate/Document Legalization Service in Tamil Nadu.

All kind of Commercial, Educational ( Degree / Diploma / HSC / SSC and Non Educational ( Birth / Marriage / PCC / Affidavit / POA / Police Clearance Certificate) Certificate Legalization service from Education Higher Department (HRD),GAD, State Home department, COC (Chamber of Commerce), Notary and various Embassy/Consulate situated at various place in Chennai Madurai Coimbatore, for the abroad use of documents.

Certificate issued in one country which need to be used in other country must be “legalized” before they can be recognized as valid in the other country. If the country where you intend to use your legal certificates is not a member of HCCH (the Hague Convention) Members, you will need an Consulate/Embassy Legalization. This can add considerable complexity to the process as all Embassies have different procedures and cost.

Legalization is “The process of certifying a document so that it will be recognized by the legal system of a foreign country.” Legalization is the process of removing a legal prohibition against something which is currently not legal. In international law, legalization is the process of certifying a document so a overseas country’s legal system will recognize it. The process is used routinely in international civil commerce law. Legalization is a process often applied to what are regarded, by those working towards legalization, as victimless crimes. Those opposed to the legalizing of any particular action, substance, behavior or item will claim that legalization will bring benefits to individuals at the expense of the common good.

It is generally performed by validation of the signature on a document by an authority which is higher in hierarchical terms. For example, a University Degree may required to be legalized by evaluation by the Education Ministry, followed by legalization of the signature of the Ministry of Education. Once legalized by the Ministry of Education and the foreign ministry the documents then need to be reviewed and approved by the embassy staff of the country in which the transaction is to occur. Some time certified translation is required for full legalization.

We Legalize all kind of certificates/documents such as Birth Marriage Degree certificate and Commercial/Exports document from different State HRD Departments, GAD, COC, MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) and different consulate like UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Argentina, Iraq, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, France, Spain, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Hungary, Netherlands, Mexico etc.

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